Research and Extension Centers Re-Carding Schedule

As part of the response to the President's directive that the University move away from social security number as the primary identifier for employees and students, new MSU ID cards will be issued and all old ID cards will be deactivated. The recarding effort will begin in spring 2006. During Fall 2006, any old ID card that has not been replaced with a new card will be deactivated. It will no longer work electronically or be accepted as an official MSU ID card.

ID Cards

New ID cards will be encoded with the new MSU ID number instead of the SSN. The MSU ID number as well as the NetID will be printed on the card. Because the ID card is used first and foremost for identification purposes, each person will be required to have a new ID photo made to obtain a new ID card. During the recarding period, new ID cards for first-time employees and students will be produced as usual using the new ID number.

The new ID cards will also have a new design, which has been reviewed and approved by the Vice Presidents and President. With issuance of the new ID cards, the Campus Card Office will no longer be able to provide customization of the layout and information displayed on the card. All new ID cards will adhere to the same consistent look and feel. For those departments that had previously requested a departmental logo or title imprinted on the ID cards of their employees, one alternative is use of a plastic card holder which can be purchased in a variety of colors and imprinted with department-specific information. MSU ID Card Description