ExpandGeneral Questions

  • Which IDs will be changed?
    The change will affect all students, faculty and staff. Everyone who has a record in the university database will receive a newly generated nine-digit ID.
  • How will I know my new MSU ID number?
    You will be able to access your new number through MyBanner on the MSU Web site beginning March 13. It also will be printed on the front of the new MSU ID card.
  • What are the steps in determining my new MSU ID number from MyBanner?
    Beginning on March 13, from MyBanner select “Personal Information” and then select “View Your New MSU ID Number”.
  • This seems like a lot of work. Why do we need to do this?
    Years ago, when the university decided to use Social Security number as the employee and student ID number, it made a lot of sense. Almost everyone had a Social Security number that could be used for multiple purposes. However, in the Internet age, privacy and confidentiality of personal information are critical security issues. Few items of personal information are more sensitive than one’s Social Security number. So to help protect the security and privacy of your personal information, especially your Social Security number, it was decided that the university should adopt another number as the MSU ID number.
  • When should I get my new ID card made?
    New ID cards will be made during normal business hours beginning in April 24, 2006, and continuing until October 8, 2006. Old ID cards will be deactivated Oct. 8, 2006.
  • Where do I go to get my new ID card?
    The Campus Card Office in 108 Allen.
  • Why must I have a new ID photo made to get my new ID card?
    The MSU ID card is used primarily for identification purposes. Therefore, it is important that the picture on your ID card be current.
  • Will it cost me anything to get a new ID card?
    No. Each employee and student will be issued a new ID card at no cost. Those with older cards will be asked to turn them in at the time they have their new photo and card made.
  • What will be on the new MSU ID card?
    A new photograph of the individual, the individual’s name and classification (faculty, student, staff), the individual’s nine-digit MSU ID, the NetID, and an issue date.
  • I already have a lot of numbers to remember. What if I forget my new MSU ID number?
    Your new ID number will be printed on your new ID card. Additionally, you will be able to log in to MyBanner beginning March 13, 2006, and look up your MSU ID number.

ExpandFor Students

  • How long will my current ID card be valid ?
    Your current ID card will be valid until October 8, 2006.

ExpandFor Employees and Unit Heads

  • As a faculty member, unit head, administrative assistant, or secretary, I’ve always had access to the Social Security numbers of my students and/or employees in Banner. Will I need to have this access in the future?
    In most cases, the answer is no. If you’ve had access to employee and student Social Security numbers in the past, it’s probably because the individual’s Social Security number also was his or her MSU ID number. Once the conversion is made, you will typically use the new MSU ID number to identify students and employees for academic records, grades, personnel records, payroll, travel, and leave processing, etc.
  • My department has a small database of employees and/or students which we use for internal purposes. The database contains the Social Security numbers of those individuals. Will I be allowed to keep Social Security numbers in my departmental database?
    Typically the answer is no. To keep employee and student Social Security numbers as secure as possible, the number of databases and systems containing them must be kept to a minimum. Since the new number now replaces the Social Security number as an identifier, it is expected that departmental system will replace Social Security numbers with the new MSU ID numbers beginning March 13.
  • If I have a departmental system or database that contains employee and/or student Social Security numbers, how do I convert those Social Security numbers to new MSU ID numbers?
    A new BANNER procedure will provide the conversion. Given a list of Social Security numbers, it will create a file that contains both Social Security numbers and their corresponding MSU ID numbers.
  • If I do not have approval to access SSNs electronically and I go into BANNER, what will I see in a SSN field?
    If you do not have approval to access SSNs electronically, you will see xxxxxxxxx in the SSN field in Banner.
  • In terms of functionality, will the new MSU ID allow me to do the same things as the SSN in terms of tracking people in BANNER?
    Yes, the new MSU ID will function the same as the SSN did. You can actually think of it as a “new SSN”.

ExpandFor Faculty

  • What will I see when I get class rolls of students in my classes?
    You will receive student names and the corresponding MSU ID numbers.